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We are a skate support organization building a worldwide directory. Do you have a favorite spot to skate? Add it to our directory and help create an even more joyful skate world. We support Roller and Inline Skaters. We are still in the building stage so be sure to check back in when we have more to offer.

Skate Maps




Skater Stories

Find the best skate spots on earth in our worldwide directory.

Add your favorite trails or skate locations

Connect with other avid skaters

Get fit while having fun!


A place to buy/sell and trade your gear. No cost to list/sell your items. 

Annual Event Directory

There are many large events held around the country and so we want to promote them all. 

Community Chat

We know forums are pretty old, but some still prefer to have an alternative to facebook.

Detailed Guides for beginniners

We all had to start somewhere so we want to offer support for the skate-curious individuals. 

Future Goals for this site

We want to expand this project to encompass all facets of skate life.